FAQs/Hours for the Pines Swim & Tennis Club


Is Membership Exclusive?

Membership is limited to 200 families.  Fortunately, we are accepting applications at the present time.  Our members hail from Manhattan, Queens, and all parts of Long Island including Great Neck, Port Washington, Manhasset, Roslyn, Glen Cove, Franklin Square and many more.

By limiting our membership we are able to maintain a peaceful, safe and fun environment where no one is fighting for a chair or space in the pool and most people know one another’s name.  Typically members can walk onto one of our 3 har-tru courts without a reservation or swim laps in their own lane.  Additionally, by “knowing” everyone, it makes our parties that much more fun including our BYOW (Bring Your Own Wine) nights, Luau and many other events throughout the summer.


What are Your Dates and Hours of Operation?

The pool opens on Memorial Day weekend and our season ends on or around Labor Day.  Since Labor day is early in 2018, we will remain open a week beyond labor day.  

  • We are open every weekend and holiday through the season from 10:30-7:30. 

  • Before June 29th, we are open on weekdays from 12:30-6:30. 

  • After June 29th, we ARE OPEN 12:30-7:30.   

  • we will have extended Friday hours most weeks w/ live music, often open until 8:30PM.  


What makes the Pines unique?

We know you have many options for summer fun.  But there’s truly no place like the Pines. It’s a special place where you will immediately feel the daily hustle and bustle melt off of you as you settle into a chaise lounge under a towering pine tree on your grassy piece of paradise.  Honking horns will be replaced by a bird’s song. 

None of our chairs are chained and nor should you; no one cares if you’re wearing the latest thing or have the most expensive handbag.  The Pines is a place to just chill and be yourself.  To be alone or to gather with friends or make new ones.  It’s bucolic.  It’s relaxing.  It’s the Pines.  And it’s one of a kind.


Are there any shaded areas?

Yes.  If you prefer to be out of the direct sunlight you have multiple options.  We provide parasols however, many members prefer simply to set up shop under one of our many tall and accommodating pine or spruce trees.  In addition, in our food court area, we have a fully screened in gazebo with a large screen TV.


Do you offer Trial Memberships?

Yes.  There are two ways to “try out” the Pines.  1) You can come as the guest of a member and experience the Pines for a day or 2) Until June 30, you can buy a 1-week pass (unlimited uses) to get the full experience.  The cost of the pass will be deducted from your membership should you decide to join on or before the last day of your trial.


I have a nanny/care-giver.  Can he/she become a member?

Absolutely.  Like many nannies/care-givers, they become a true member of our families.  As such, if your nanny/care-giver will be taking your child to the pool or playground frequently, please add him/her to your membership as an additional family member.  Simply choose “Nanny” in the checkout area and, voila, you’re all set.


What if I am a Family of 6 or more?

Kindly contact us at roslynpinespoolclub@gmail.com for further details.


How are the lifeguard certified?

We take safety very seriously.  Our members are not “clients”, rather they are our friends and family.  As such, safety is a major priority and particularly when it comes to the water.  All of our lifeguards are fully licensed and certified as lifeguards and in CPR.  In addition, our pool manager is WSI certified (Water Safety Instructor through the American Red Cross).  Nearly all of our lifeguards are trained to provide individual and semi-private lessons as well.  We follow or exceed all standards and protocols to ensure there are always a sufficient number of guards on duty.


What is the policy on food and drinks?

Our policy of no outside food is strictly enforced for 2 reasons: 1) Safety and Cleanliness—food that is sneaked in tends to be eaten on the chaise lounges which is close to the pool.  Wet wrappers act just like banana peels on a wet deck.  Further, no one wants to swim with food in the pool—think Caddy Shack. 2) Support our Concessionaire—each year we partner with a high quality and reasonably priced local food vendor.  Typical offerings include burgers, hotdogs, pizza, salads, a great selection of ice cream, fruits, frozen yogurt, and a variety of drinks.  You wouldn’t bring your own food to someone else’s house—same concept.


Do you offer private swim or tennis lesson?

Yes.  Our pool manager is happy to arrange individual or semi-private lessons for you or your child(ren).  Please email us or sign up for a class on this website.


Is there a complete listing of the Pool Rules?

See Below....

For any additional questions, please click here to email us and one of our Board members will reply as quickly as possible.

Club Rules & Regulations


For the purpose of membership, a family is defined as two adults and unmarried children under age 25 residing at the same address, and parents of members who reside at the same address a minimum of 8 months per year.

  1. Members and guests of the Club assume all risks in the use of its facilities. The attention of members is directed to the fact that the Playground is not supervised.

  2. Members are responsible for the supervision of their children and guests.

  3. The pool will close 15 minutes before Club closing time.

  4. No child under the age of 10 is permitted in the Club area unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  5. No food, beverages or water shall be brought into the Club area. The Snack Bar will be open daily for lunch, snacks and dinner. Food may only be consumed in the snack bar area. Drinks must be in covered plastic containers.

  6. Destruction of Club property will be charged to members causing damage, or their parents.

  7. Running, rough play, pushing or boisterous conduct is prohibited.

  8. An adult must accompany any child wearing a flotation device in the adult pool at all times.

  9. No wet (from swimming) diapers, “swimmies” or diaper swim pants are allowed in the playground or eating area.

  10. No child in a baby carriage, stroller, playpen or walker should be left unattended. Baby carriages, strollers and playpens must be kept on the grassy areas and may not be kept on the concrete surrounding the pools.

  11. Undressing or disrobing anywhere in the Club area, except the locker rooms, is not permitted. Children’s bathing suits and diapers must be changed in the locker rooms or other designated areas, by order of the Board of Health.

  12. When leaving the swimming pool, swimmers should use the ladders or steps.

  13. Lounge chairs may not be brought to the edge of the pool. The Nassau County Board of Health requires a 5 ft. walkway around the pool.

  14. Radios are permitted at the pool, but they must be played softly so as not to disturb anyone. There may be Special Event Days where music is played through the Club sound system.

  15. Lockers are provided for all members. Members must provide the locker number to the front gate staff.

  16. All members are required to wear suitable clothing over bathing attire in the streets adjacent to the Club area.

  17. Glass containers of any kind are not permitted on Club grounds.

  18. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the Club unless sanctioned by the Club for a specific Club-sponsored event.

  19. The entire Pool Club is a smoke-free environment.

  20. No dogs or pets may be brought into the Club area.

  21. Employees are not permitted to accept gratuities.

  22. The Club does not assume responsibility for articles, lost or stolen on its property.

  23. Rules for use of the tennis courts will be posted and enforced by the Pool Director and Tennis Pro.

  24. The Pool Director’s Office is off-limits to members and guests, unless accompanied by a staff member.

  25. The Pool Director may vary swimming rules as s/he deems necessary for pool safety. Employees of the Club are required to enforce these rules and regulations strictly and may not deviate from their enforcement.

  26. Any violation of the rules and regulations may result in suspension of Club privileges.